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Carmel Corrosion (US)

CCS Wrap is a wrap-around corrosion protection system specifically designed for easy on-site installation. Pre-fitted wraps are used on risers, subsea pipelines, jetty piles, offshore splash zones and deep water locations. Single ply wraps are manufactured for regular use.  Double ply is recommended for heavy duty resistance to floating debris or ice floats.

We are the exclusive distributor for Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, for more information visit : www.carmel-corrosion.com. See our list of global references below.

  • Chevron (Singapore), petroleum jetty, 188 piles

  • Gulf of Mexico, repairs on corrosion affected spots for submerged pipeline

  • Motiva Shell (Providence, Rhode Island), petroleum jetty, 421 piles

  • Anode Engineering (Wellington New Zealand), petroleum and gas jetty,  137 piles

  • Dow Chemicals (Freeport Texas), chemical jetty, 123 piles

  • The Port Authority of NY & NJ  (New York), runway support, 240 piles

  • Halifax Port Authority (Canada), harbor pier, 76 piles

  • St. John’s Port Authority (Canada), harbour pier, 67 piles